• Kaine

Style Block #5 - Body / Bodysuit

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Hello sewing enthusiasts. Learn how to draft a Body / Bodysuit pattern. This pattern is very easy to follow and simply requires minor modifications to the Torso or Dress sloper. What is a bodysuit good for? To give you a fitted tucked in look in my opinion, without worrying about puffed up waist lines, especially when wearing a full skirt for instance.


1. Neck depth (as desired)

2. Neck width (as desired)

3. High Hip depth (half of the Hip depth)

4. Crotch Length

5. Crotch Depth

6. Crotch Extension = Crotch Length - (2 x crotch Depth)

How to Draft the Bodysuit

This pattern is designed for a 2-way stretch fabric. If you are using 4-way stretch, you may have to shorten the vertical measurements. See Sewing 114 for calculating your stretch as this will determine how much reduction you actually need.


1. Copy Front Torso/Dress block to a new paper. You may remove ease from the pattern if your fabric is very stretchy (Sewing 114). Must be effected on both Front and Back. Please refer to Sewing 302 for more on Ease. In the illustration above, I removed 1inch (2.5cm) ease, which 1/4inch (0.6mm) from the front and back. This is just a generic example.

2. Point A to B - Mark a point about 3inches (6cm) below the armhole. Connect this point to the apex with a straight line. This will be the Bust dart.

Cut the Shoulder dart and the Bust Dart open to the apex.

Pivot in the direction of the arrow to close the Shoulder dart and expand the Bust dart.

3. Point A to B - Mark the Neck depth about 5inches. (12.5cm)

4. Point C to D - Neck width, extend by 1inch (2.5cm).

Join BD with a curved line or your desired neck line shape

5. Point D to E - Draw shoulder and extend it by 1/4inch (6mm),

Point F - Widen chest by 1/4inch (6mm) and