• Kaine

Sewing 104 - How do I set up my Sewing Machine (Vintage and Industrial)

In the previous chapter we covered the electrical and computerised sewing machines. Even though all sewing machines share the same core parts, we will briefly go over treadle and industrial sewing machines in this chapter just to cover all the bases.

If your machine comes with a manual, please read it thoroughly before use and get acquainted with it. If it doesn't have a manual, you can download one off the internet here and here, or ask me for help. Below are images of the classic vintage style sewing machine and an Industrial Sewing machine, different brands and models may differ.


Vintage Style Sewing Machine

parts of a sewing machine vintage

Industrial Sewing Machine

parts of a sewing machine industrial


Vintage Sewing Machine

Dust the Machine before use.

oiling a sewing machine vintage

Put oil into the the little holes marked for oiling and on the gears underneath the machine.

stopping the needle from moving sewing machine vintage
stop motion clamp screw

Depending on your machine model, you might have the Stop motion clamp screw on the hand wheel. If you hold the hand wheel in place and turn the screw, it stops the needle from moving up and down. This is great for winding your bobbin.

winding a bobbin vintage