• Kaine

Sewing 103 - How do I set up my Sewing Machine (Electrical and Computerised)

Here is a brief overview of the parts of a sewing machine and how to set it up. If your machine comes with a manual, please read it thoroughly before use and get acquainted with it. If it doesn't have a manual, you can download one off the internet here and here, or ask me for help. Below are examples of the manual/electrical sewing machine and a computerised Sewing machine, different brands and models may differ.


Manual/Electrical Sewing Machine

Parts of a sewing machine

Computerised Sewing Machine

parts of a sewing machine

parts of a sewing machine


These machines shown above are setup almost in the same way although models may differ in a few ways. I will illustrate using the mechanical sewing machine. Once again, I encourage you to read your sewing machine manual as that is the most accurate information you can have

cleaning a sewing machine

Clean / Dust the Machine. I use wet wipes and an old t-shirt

cleaning a sewing machine

Small Brush for removing dust and lint from hard to reach areas. Use brush to clean the Feed dogs and the Bobbin area

oiling a sewing machine