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Sewing Pattern: Underskirt/Halfslip with lace

Updated: Feb 12

Hello sewing enthusiasts. Learn how to sew a Halfslip. This pattern is very easy to follow and simply requires minor modifications to the basic skirt sloper.


  1. Length of underskirt

  2. Width of lace trim (optional)

  3. Width of elastic band. The length of the band should a few inches smaller than the waist measurement.

How to Draft the Underskirt


1. Copy Front skirt sloper to a new paper.

2. Add 3-inch ease (6cm) to the pattern. To do this, divide the 3inch ease by 4, which is 3/4inch (1.5cm). Add this to the side of the skirt. This will also be added to the Back. (Shown in Pink)


3. Lower the waistline if desired or leave it at the natural waist as it is. In the illustration above, the waistline is lowered to halfway between the waistline and the high hip line.


4. Adjust the length to the desired level. In the illustration above, the hemline is taken up 4inches above the knee level. It is further taken up by the width of the lace trim that will be attached.


5. Add Facing to the Waistline for the elastic band - Measure the width of your preferred elastic band. Add this width above the waistline following the shape of the waistline. (Shown in blue) This will be folded over when sewing to create the elastic band casing.

Note - Fold over this Facing before cutting out the side of the pattern, this is will true the facing for easy sewing.


6. The dart shall be ignored when sewing

7. Add 1/2inch (1cm) Seam allowance to the waist and side seams, then 1inch(2cm) seam allowance to the hem.


Repeat the steps above


How to Sew the Underskirt

Please watch the video for details on drafting and sewing.  

Thanks for reading and do leave a comment below if you have any questions. Happy sewing!

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