• Kaine

Style Block #2 - A Halfslip (Underskirt)

Hello sewing enthusiasts, for this tutorial we shall learn how to sew a Halfslip or underskirt. This pattern is very easy to follow and simply requires minor modifications to the basic skirt sloper. We shall be using a basic sloper with ease already added. See Sewing 302 for more on ease.

The simplest way to make the elastic waisted skirt is to simply draw a rectangle, hip by length dimensions. But, here I shall show you how to make it while maintaining the shape of the skirt, as this pattern can be used for any kind of elastic waisted skirt, not just for an underskirt.



1. Length of underskirt

2. Width of lace trim (optional)

3. Width of elastic band. The length of the band should a few inches smaller than the waist measurement.

How to Draft the Underskirt


This pattern is designed for a non-stretch fabric, preferably cut on the bias

1. Copy Front skirt sloper (with ease) to new paper.

2. Point A - B = Lower the waistline if desired or leave it at the natural waist as it is. In the illustration above, waist line is lowered to halfway between waist line and high hip line.

3. Point C - D = Adjust length to the desired level. In the illustration above, the hemline is taken up 4inches (10cm) above knee level. It is further taken up by the width of the lace trim that will be attached, an addition 1inch (2.5cm)

4. Add Facing to the Waistline for the elastic band - Measure the width of your preferred elastic band plus 1/8inch (3mm). Add this measurement above the waistline following the shape of the waistline (Point B - B1). This will be folded over when sewing to create the elastic band casing.

Note - It is good practice to fold over this Facing (along fold line) before cutting out the side of the pattern, this is will true the facing for easy sewing.

5. The dart is not required and shall be ignored.

6. Seam allowance - At the waist add half the width of the elastic band facing as the seam allowance. Then 1/2inch (1.2cm) Seam allowance to the side seams, and 1/2 inch - 1inch (1.2cm - 2.5cm) seam allowance to the hem.


Repeat the steps above  

Thanks for reading and do leave a comment below if you have any questions. Happy sewing!