• Kaine

Sewing Pattern: Face Mask

Updated: May 8, 2021

Hello sewing enthusiasts. I hope you are keeping safe in these trying times. Learn how to draft and sew a Form-Fitting Face Mask. This pattern is very easy to follow and you can modify the measurements for your personal use.

According to Science Daily, 'Researchers report that a combination of cotton with natural silk or chiffon can effectively filter out aerosol particles -- if the fit is good'. So you want the cotton (with a tight weave) on the inside for absorption and the chiffon or silk on the outside as a barrier. Measurements 1. Front Length - Bridge of nose to Chin - 4.5inches 2. Width - Cheek to Cheek, crossing over the nose - 9 inches 3. Back Length - Ear Height - 2.5inches

How to Draft the Face Mask 1. Point A - B, Draw a vertical line = Front length (4.5inches) ; 2. Point C - D, Halfway of line A-B, draw a horizontal line = Width divided by 2 (4.5inches); 3. Point E - F, Square a vertical line up and down from Point D = Back length (2.5inches); 4. Join points A - E and B - F with straight lines 5. From Point A, mark 1 inch along line AE, and from point B, mark 5/8 inch along line BF. Label as G and H 6. Join points C - G and points C - H with curved lines. Note that point G is the Top of the mask. 7. Shape the mask by slightly curving Lines G-E and H-F downwards 8. Add 1/4inch Seam allowance around the whole pattern.

How to Sew the Face Mask 1. Cut out four pieces or 2 pairs

2. Sew each pair together along the centre front curved line. Remember to note which way is up.

3. Now you should have 2 masks. Place them together, right sides facing and sew along the top and the bottom, leaving the two sides open.

4. Flip the mask right side out and press with an iron.

5. Fold the seam allowance inside on both open sides. Press

6. Attach your ties or elastic by placing them between the open space or the side. Topstitch the sides closed.

  Download Pattern Here

Print at 100%. Use 1 inch square on the pattern as a gauge. Seam allowance is included.

Thanks for reading and do leave a comment below if you have any questions. Happy sewing!