Frequently asked Questions

How much is a subscription?

Subscription is free presently.


How do I Subscribe?

Simply enter your name and email into the subscription form and you will receive updates on all new content

How do I become a Member?

For now, there is no special member area. Once you register for the purpose of leaving a comment you become a member. This is separate from subscribing to newsletters and notifications.

Do I need to Login to leave Comments?

For security purposes, the first time you choose to leave a comment, you will be asked to sign up and fill in a form. Afterward you only need to sign in to leave a comment. This essentially makes you a member of the site


Can I watch videos offline?


All videos are hosted on YouTube, Download is available on certain devices through the YouTube App


Are your tutorials really free?


For now, all the lessons are free. 

Do you offer One on One classes?

Not at the moment.

Do you offer pattern drafting services?

Not at the moment.