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Pattern drafting and Sewing Techniques


"Pattern drafting and sewing are practical skills. Formal education is not the only way to attain them, at least that's how I feel. Join me, and let's muddle through it together."

- Kaine



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Mini Courses
  • Are you a newbie to pattern drafting?

  • Do you want to draft your own sewing patterns?

  • Do you want to learn something new?

If yes, then join me through a series of mini courses where you can learn to draft the Basic Block Set, troubleshoot fitting issues, and adapt your master patterns to different styles.

Coming Soon!


Online Store

Shop sewing patterns today!

  • Instant download

  • PDF Formats with layers

  • Print on A4 or US Letter paper sizes

  • Instruction booklets included

  • Video instructions available

  • Multiple sizes available

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Fashion Designer Studio_edited.jpg
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I'm a wife, mother of 3 adorable children, and self-taught seamstress. I most especially love the art of pattern drafting. I'm not really into trends and fashion per se, but I do like the technical aspects of clothing making. This blog is just me sharing my know-how in the simplest way possible in order to encourage others who just want to learn to sew for themselves.